"You're talking to a Rooney fan - and I think Wayne will do great.

"It's been a little bit off-putting with the press in recent days but the journalists have got to do something to justify why they are out there following England around.

"Wayne knew he needed a couple of matches, at least, to get fit. You can see it here at United every season - when he starts off, it invariably takes him three or four matches to start getting his touch and hitting top form. He'll be fine.

"I know he's not had the best of World Cups before but there have been some mitigating circumstances for that. I think he'll do very well in Brazil."

"He had been terrific at Everton but was always set for the bigger stage,"

"He is super. You want him in your team because you know he is going to give you everything.

"If you want him to play wide on the right, it's fine by him. If you want him wide on the left, he'll go there too. If you want him to play off or in front of a centre-forward, he will do those two as well. He is just an outstanding footballer."