“To do a top job, I believe you have to earn your stripes. The route through to the top for a British manager is a long process and maybe having a job abroad at some of the clubs, and getting recognized for your work there, might be the way in the future. But I hope I won’t be the last one to be given a chance to manage one of the top ones. Brendan Rodgers has come in and, with the time he’s been given, has been able to turn round Liverpool and it’s really important for British managers that he’s done that. I’ve spent most of my career in rivalry with Liverpool but part of me was glad, because Brendan was given the opportunity to go in there and change things around and, because of that, Liverpool have got their strategy in place and a good future. Tony Pulis also showed what our managers can do. I hope I’m not the end of British managers getting opportunities at the top. We compete against each other but we’re also supportive. We all have an understanding of how difficult the job is. The time in the job is getting shorter. Maybe it’s because owners are changing and maybe it comes back to the fact you have to be working with good people to have any chance of succeeding. But the experience I got will stand me even more in good stead in the future. We got into the Champions League quarter-finals and went close to the semi-finals. It would have been a great thrill to have got into the last four as somebody people considered to be inexperienced at that level. I’d always watched the Champions League and when I was involved in it I was excited by the games. I was enthralled by the teams we were playing and the styles. But it’s going to be harder and harder for British managers to get the opportunities at that level and I might now look at taking up one of the opportunities to manage in Europe. The Premier League is such a great league that you can feel there’s no need to move, but, in the future, maybe we’ll need to export, go to other leagues, and it would give our managers knowledge of other countries. I’m hoping to gain that myself.”