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“A player like Robin van Persie can do it with the way he looks after himself. All he can do is look at the likes of Teddy Sheringham. Being a centre-forward, it is a little bit more difficult to play to the level they set themselves until the age of 40 but Sheringham proved you can be capable of doing that if you are determined enough. People in the press often go on about players being too old as soon as they get to 30. I can always remember that I left United when I was 38. I won a couple of titles, the European Cup Winners’ Cup, the FA Cup, and so I can never believe in this talk. If you a determined, like a Ryan Giggs, you can extend your career. If you look at Steven Gerrard’s performance for Liverpool at Old Trafford last season, it shows these players should never believe what the media is saying. As soon as somebody in their thirties has one bad game, it’s always a case of him being too old. As a former player myself, I certainly don’t believe that."