This looks interesting. Louis Van Gaal: The Biography by Maarten Meijer, out in July.

“The tournament has barely started yet. We achieved an impressive result but we have a long way to go to win this tournament. This is my fifth tournament and I know how these things work: the euphoria vanishes just as quickly as it appears. So we have to make sure that we hold on to it – not only for the people and fans, but also for ourselves. Everybody is euphoric and happy in the Netherlands. We are dealing with people's expectations, which had been low compared to other years. This worked to our advantage because nobody expected much from us. But after such a performance, the dynamics have naturally changed. However, as a country, we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. We have to stay realistic. Spain have won everything there is to win over the past six years. They have shown the world what they have to offer again and again, so to break their streak is fantastic for us. It was an amazing start for our World Cup, and I think we've made a lot of people very happy. I've seen the spectacular footage and images from the celebrations across the world, and that makes me so proud.”

"However, as I said, those were only the first three points. Now the focus is on Australia, and I think that will be completely different to the game against Spain. Australia have a very different style and I think we are going to have to adjust our own game to beat them. It’s an interesting process, having to adjust your game every time. However, we have a fantastic technical staff that knows exactly how to prepare us for matches, so I’m not worried.”