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[35] Nice one! Spurs fans campaign for United’s ticket allocation to increase at White Hart Lane next season

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  • [35] Nice one! Spurs fans campaign for United’s ticket allocation to increase at White Hart Lane next season

    Nice one! Spurs fans campaign for United’s ticket allocation to increase at White Hart Lane next season

    their Supporters’ trust minutes after meeting local authorities

    4. Man Utd allocation at White Hart Lane
    - KL explained that THST operated in a way that was different to earlier iterations of the Trust in that we worked closely with other Trusts on issues that affected all of us. Coalition campaigning had been a big plus for THST last season. With this in mind, we’d agreed to raise the issue of the Manchester United allocation at White Hart Lane, on behalf of our counterparts at the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust

    - THST campaigned hard against allocations for Spurs fans being reduced, particularly at the Emirates stadium, last season and we've also argued on a number of occasions that all fans should not be punished for the actions of a minority - so this approach has to apply to all fans across the board. We want to see all fans treated in the way we would expect to be treated

    - Since 2009/10, MUFC fans have received c 1900 tickets for their Premier League matches at Tottenham – a reduction of c 1100 tickets on a standard allocation

    - Various reasons have been given for this reduction including persistent standing in an upper tier, poor behaviour at the turnstiles at the 2012/13 match and bad behaviour at not only WHL but other PL grounds throughout the season

    - KL asked ST of THFC and BM of HC to confirm the situation for 2014/2015

    - It was confirmed MUFC fans would be monitored in the run up to the match at WHL and a decision would be made c 8 weeks in advance of the fixture

    - There was an appetite to award a partial increase to MUFC providing there weren’t any major incidents in the run up

    - BM of HC agreed to speak with MUST ahead of any decision being made on their allocation next season. MUST to make contact accordingly

    - KL stressed the importance of engaging supporter groups in discussions such as these, where peer to peer influence can be a real factor and where fans can be formally represented and allowed to express their points of view

    - It was agreed there was definitely an opportunity for dialogue here

    - It was also stressed that this kind of decision was not solely about Man United. Any Club with any fans who behaved poorly at various grounds across the country would be monitored and allocations cut, if necessary
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