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“I have 260 text messages that I have to reply to and David is in there. There are a couple of voicemails from him as well. We just haven’t spoken yet. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. He said if he can help in anyway just give him a call. I’d be giving him a call anyway. From days of working together we’ve always bounced things off each other. I absolutely felt for him at United. He’s worked incredibly hard to get that opportunity and I was thrilled for him. To lose that so quickly is extremely sad. We’ve been trying to get together because I want to ask him, “What have you learned?” David is the type who looks at himself first. He will say, "Maybe I could have done this differently or that differently" and I want to find out what it was. We’ll have that chat as soon as we have a bit of time. I have to say any time I spoke to him he felt he had the support of the players. They were working really hard, buying into what he was doing. He certainly didn’t feel there was anything going on behind the scenes. Whether he still has that view or not I don’t know. We might need a couple of hours to sit down and chat it through.”