to MEN

“Honestly, he is going to be an unbelievable signing for Manchester United. This guy is a really good player. I was really disappointed when United didn’t sign him last summer because I have been watching him for two or three years now and have been pushing his name for United to sign because I have been really impressed with him. He can do everything. He can attack, he can spray passes around the field, if you ask him to a defensive job for the side he will do it. He is mobile, can score goals and creates so much for his team-mates. He has got a bit of everything in his game and the great thing is he is a team player.He is just what United need. The fans will love him at Old Trafford. Apart from everything else they’ll love the fact he puts in a shift. Believe me, when you play for Athletic Bilbao in the Basque country and handle that, you can handle anything. It is a tough part of Spain in that northern part and they have high demands on Basque players at their club. There is a tough mentality among the people up there and if you can please them, as Ander has done over the years, then you can please most people. It won’t be a problem for him at United. I think he’ll settle down very quickly. You have Juan Mata and David de Gea in the squad already to help him and the one thing that hasn’t changed about United’s dressing room down the years is that it is a very welcoming environment. The fee won’t worry Ander. He’ll just get on with his football. I expect him to rise to the challenges.”