“It wasn’t easy, it was a big decision. I’d been thinking about it for a year or more, working out when it would be right to retire. I’ve been doing the job for a long time and the hours mean you’re working all the time, including weekends and evenings, and travelling a lot and that isn’t easy when you have a family at home. It’s been a fantastic job, a brilliant job, I couldn’t have wanted anything better, but after 23 years at United, and the best of 30 years in total of working pretty much seven days a week, I couldn’t keep doing it forever. I had to decide at some point when to stop and now’s the time.”

“After working seven days a week for such a long time, I’ve done something like 40 or 45 years’ work in 25 years, so I just want to put my feet up and see more of my family after spending so much time away from them. I’m also looking forward to catching up with the things I’ve not been able to do for all this time. I’ll get out in the garden, get out on my bike and just chill out.”