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[17] Alex Ferguson pays tribute to Alfredo Di Stefano

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  • [17] Alex Ferguson pays tribute to Alfredo Di Stefano

    “The great question that always comes up is who are the greatest players. Obviously there is a list of great ones like Cruyff, Maradona and Pele and of course Puskas and of course Di Stefano - I thought he was one of the greatest in my mind. He had a fantastic balance and poise. If you look at one of the goals he scored in the final against Eintracht Frankfurt it was completely what we are saying about the balance and poise, unbelievable he was. I was very sad to hear the news. Even at 88 it is a bit of a shock. I saw him two years ago before our Real Madrid game and he looked fine and looked full of health so it is disappointing to hear the news.”

    “The amazing thing about that was, being a Rangers fan, Eintracht Frankfurt had beaten Rangers in the semi-finals 6-3, 6-1 so they were gods. They came to Hampden Park and were annihilated by Real Madrid 7-3. I was there in the schoolboy enclosure, I was playing with Queen's Park at the time, and it was a fantastic experience. It was the first time I think that a lap of honour was done after the game, Scottish fans hadn't seen that of course. Ten goals in a final, you won't see that again. It was a golden period for Real Madrid, they won it five times in a row and Di Stefano scored in all five finals.”

    “My greatest memory of course is when Aberdeen beat Real Madrid. I was honoured to be in the same game as Real Madrid but to come up against Di Stefano was an incredible experience for me. When you mention the great players they had they were household names. Aberdeen were a team on the rise and after the game he was very generous and he said Aberdeen had a team that money can't buy, a soul and a family spirit. He couldn't say any more in praise of a football team and that was very generous of him. He had a fantastic life and I was really proud to have been associated with him in a small way.”
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