"Everyone's excited. We had a disappointing season last season and everyone's keen to get us back to where we belong and that's the top. Albert and Marcel know how Louis works so the blueprint has been prepared by him and we're just following his plans. He'll arrive here sometime between the start and middle of next week. Of course, it's not ideal - you want all your players and your manager together to start pre-season. But in a World Cup year it can be like this and I have to say preparations have gone well so far. Within a week we'll all be together and then we're spending two-and-a-half weeks in the US so he'll get to know the players there. There's plenty of time before the season starts."

"The whole of pre-season is important but the nearer you get to the first league match, the more sharpness you have in your game. You more or less know if you'll be involved in the first match, so you want to do well. Of course it will be Louis' first game at Old Trafford and the same for Ander and Luke. It will be a great introduction for the new manager and players."