Louis Van Gaal: The Biography by Maarten Meijer, out in July.


"When we met at the end of last season we went through the players who are here and some of the players he liked that will maybe come in. Two have already come in. It's always hard during the World Cup because a lot of the players you're looking at could still be part of the World Cup, or they’ve just gone out and are now going on holiday for a rest. I'm not sure how many players will come in - we'll have to wait and see. I flew out and spent a couple of hours with him. We went through players who were at the club - ones who may be going, ones who may be coming in. I was there to find out how he works, what he likes and give him an insight into anything he might not know about Manchester United. He knew a lot, as you might expect. But any little thing I could help him about I tried to. We didn’t dwell on what happened last season."