Patrice Evra to Red News when we interviewed him on why he learnt and studied the history of Manchester United

from our interview with Patrice Evra

“Yeah, because you see as well I think this is a definite (should happen) before being a player for Man Utd because when I came in my first 6 months I was just playing and I was not interested a lot about the story of the club and I started to watch the DVDs, to read some books and I was feeling more that I was a player for Man Utd and I think when Man Utd sign a player they need to show the story because it was very important for me and now I've got a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of respect for this shirt. It's very important to know the story, what's happened, why when you play there, why when you see somebody in the club you say ‘Hello’ and you check then and you don't know who it is, ‘who is that guy?’. And now I know, and it's very important because it help me a lot and I give more than my 100% for that club. Definitely the story of Man Utd is very important because a lot of clubs don't have the story like Man Utd and I think this is why Man Utd stay in the top.”

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