Do you know a red who has a birthday or other special event to celebrate? Well you can order them a 10 issue digital subscription to the Red News fanzine, and we’ll give you a personalised digital gift certificate so you can let them know it’s coming, with a little taster of the type of content they have to look forward to.

With the Red News digital subscription, each edition of the fanzine is published as a PDF which we email a link to so that it is straightforward to downloaded and view on iPhones, iPads, tablets, other smartphones, PC/Mac etc …

It looks great on any device, especially with all the colourful images and photo’s we include, and as a digital subscription of course it helps avoid those ever increasing postal prices - now that’s the type of “value” even Fergie would approve of !

It costs £21.99 for 10 issues (£2.19 each) wherever you and they are in the world.

And is simple to order

1 Subscribe via this link (select the electronic subscription option and then put all the billing details in as your own)

2 Email [email protected] to let us know you’ve ordered. Provide the name and email address of the person you want the digital subscription to go to. And when you want the subscription to start from

3 That’s it, well do the rest

We’ll send you the gift certificate after it’s personalised by adding your and their names

Then when the first fanzine of their subscription is available we email them a link which they click on to download.