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[1] A new RedNews221 is now out. And order it here, ALL formats.

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  • [1] A new RedNews221 is now out. And order it here, ALL formats.

    Content for the new RN221 - on sale only at the Leicester, Cambridge and Burnley home games - published January 31st 2015

    RN221 brings varied and passionate differing viewpoints about what is happening at MUFC, as it happens as well as fascinating recollections on MUFC history. Don’t miss it. Laughs, tears and everything in between. If you’ve not given the mag a go, or in a while, see the changes!

    Reditorial on 3-5-2, 4-4-2 and LvG needing to take a gamble

    “If there is one demand I still want to see from LvG’s ‘process’ is a bit more of that old magic, going for it late; the theatre, the drama.”

    The Month Just Gone. Two new partners!

    @carlosartorial on a blue January

    The night Utd fans met American football players. With resulting carnage…

    A Red in Ukraine tells us about it.

    York Away in the 2nd Division Season.

    Pete Shaw is Red & Angry - Anderson (again!), the Utd grim reapers, Phil Jones taking corners and Falcao.

    @chinatownbranch and his sublime MUFC art pays tribute to Red Issue as does Ben.

    Old Trafford at Dawn. The centre-spread.

    Away Match Reports by those that were there. QPR, Cambridge.

    Manchester poem by Birdman.

    Hot Gossip from Salford Red.

    @mufc_dan87 on the loss of our heroes.

    Michael asks why people look to football for its role models.

    @_Rob_B on LvG’s systems

    Roy Cavanagh MBE remembers the last period of games The Busby Babes played.

    New RN writer @rocblank and his regular column.

    Pete Boyle (@PeteBoyle70) on United’s current songbook.

    Your emails (and the odd letter).

    and much more + gossip, graphics, tears, laughs and more! We're just normal Reds! By Reds, for Reds. A unique take on all things past, present and future at MUFC. Thanks to all who contributed and spent hours on this mag. And to all of you who will buy it and support our fanzine culture. It’s not bland corporate run ‘meh’, it’s a unique read.

    It will be on sale at the Leicester, Cambridge and Burnley home games only.

    Any questions [email protected] cheers for all who support and give RN a go. We’re a fanzine, not big business. We’re there to poke and prod, have a bit of fun and buzz off of United, and call the buggers into account.

    Subscribe/renew to the next ten RN including this one at (print or digital)

    Alex Ferguson on Red News' 25th anniversary in 2012: "What an achievement"
    Henry Winter in Daily Telegraph. "Red News is (an) influential fanzine". "Red News is a... strong voice".
    Guardian. "Strong voiced". March 2014: "Red News, the influential and oldest club fanzine"

    Twice Shortlisted for Fanzine of the Year.



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