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[24] Louis van Gaal on that philosophy

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  • [24] Louis van Gaal on that philosophy

    in an interview with the Telegraph

    “When I drive my car for the first time in England it is the same, I have to think about the left and the right. That we have seen with United. Yesterday against Spurs you have seen that. That shows they can do things together as a team. That takes time. In Germany, it took until December. And now until March. My philosophy is when you know what you’re doing, you’ll continue more at the highest level. When you’re instinctive you’re always dependent on the circumstances. That I don’t want. Rooney is very open to learn. It’s amazing. I don’t know if he speaks with his wife Coleen about football, I don’t think so. But we have the process of talking here. Most of my players of my selection are open and that’s very nice. Carrick is more or less a trainer-coach. He is also willing to talk about shapes and systems. That’s nice. Rooney also. Not every player is very open and then you have to convince him, and then you get a struggle. It works or it doesn’t work. Give them time. Also give me time to do it.”

    “We (Dutch) are stubborn. You know what you believe in - all the Dutch are like that. I coached in the Netherlands for more than 15 years and in the Netherlands the players always say ‘yes…but’ and then comes their own opinion. In England, Germany and Spain they are never saying ‘but’. They are doing. They are performing. But then I have the problem that they are not thinking. I want my players thinking, reading the game, so they know why they have to change the shape because of something. I want to train my players so that they can make decisions themselves as a team. Otherwise they have to wait until half-time and then maybe we can change something. In a lot of matches that is too late.”
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