Ahead of the Manchester Derby, Sergio Agüero and Radamel Falcao have taken part in exclusive Q&As for PUMA while filming the latest in their Head to Head series of videos.

Speaking to PUMA, Aguero said "When two big teams from the same city meet, it always creates an amazing atmosphere, there is no worse thing than losing against your neighbour. With other teams it is different, you leave after the match, or they leave your city. At a derby, you still live in the same place, so when you go out the day after a defeat, it feels like the other team owns the place."

Aguero's rival for this weekend Falcao added: "We’re in good form at the moment, and the fans will give us a big lift at home, so I believe we have a very good chance get the 3 points. The situation in the table is really close still, so a win for us will keep our momentum, which is what we need for the rest of the season."

Full Q&As from both Falcao and Aguero are attached, and if used must be used with the below video embed and end credit:

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Watch the Video Here: http://youtu.be/v1BYQ9j7FOs