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RedNews is 33 years old today, and we launch our third annual advanced subscription campaign for 2020/21

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  • RedNews is 33 years old today, and we launch our third annual advanced subscription campaign for 2020/21

    You can help our independent fanzine survive - by subscribing now.

    Dear Reds, we need your help.

    If you think what we do is important, then a subscription right now is a game changer for our future as an independent fanzine in the year ahead.

    No football = no games to sell at.

    We need your support now more than ever.

    We believe the terraces of Old Trafford and its culture is a little bit stronger when Red News is around, and that our fanzine still provides a strong voice, and a different take on supporting MUFC that is worth keeping.

    This is our third annual subscription campaign. Each one keeps the fanzine alive for the following season. The current surreal events mean that of course we do not know what type of United, and football, lies ahead for the next year. But we know this will pass and United will return. And whatever happens, we aim to continue to publish, and then be selling as soon as we can outside Old Trafford as we have for the past 33 years.

    So on our 33rd anniversary we are opening up our new advanced annual subscription campaign because without your subscriptions, we will not be able to continue, nor be around in 2021. With your support, we will.

    We pride ourselves on still being a voice for normal Reds just like you. For giving space for reasoned, well thought out opinion, and for the type of exclusives and gossip you know us well for. And to praise, or hold the club to account, where it is appropriate. To shine a light where it is needed. A different type of fanzine. But one that still holds the same principles as when we first started in April 1987.

    We have weathered many storms, including a decline in matchday sales, and all the changes, both good or bad, at Old Trafford in our time, but events right now out of our control are different...

    We only survive because of our readers. Without advertising, you keep us alive. MUFC has always had a strong fanzine culture, with strong voices all around Old Trafford, and we are just one of many, yet it's vital we can plan ahead without worrying month by month.

    If games are behind closed doors, we will still publish. We WILL still publish. If needs be we will make certain mags double issues every second month like our one will be in May 2020.

    The target this summer is 333 Reds.

    It doesn't sound like much. That is a huge deal for us. The campaign will end on July 31st, and hopefully we can make target like we have over the last two summers.

    For less than the price of a pint, each month. Every single one of you can make the difference. And you will get all 10 mags (or if needed, 5 double issues) we will publish in the coming year.

    We always prefer print because it is our preferred way, and also helps our printer, but any which way you support us or subscribe helps - so we also offer a pdf digital version.

    We believe we offer a unique window onto United. We are passionate about our club. And we show it. You might agree, or disagree with some of the content. That's healthy. That's the point. It's not just one view, but a mix of different voices offering strong, important thoughts on our club.

    100% independent, 100% unofficial.

    We think we play a very small part in the enjoyment of some MUFC fans' matchday or supporting culture, a nice tradition as well, and we really want to continue to be able to do so. We realise these are tough times for everyone in all aspects of their lives so only subscribe if you can and are able to. And we wish you nothing but goodwill with our best wishes to you and your families.

    For those able to subscribe you can support your fanzine at

    Please share, pledge and help us reach our target. This will mean the fanzine, the website, the podcasts; all that we do at RedNews will continue, offering a strong, independent voice.

    And please every single one of you take care during these quite unique set of circumstances. Please stay safe, you and your loved ones, as we want to see you all at Old Trafford soon, come rain or shine, we will not care!

    Thank you. And thank you for keeping this voice alive.

    Barney, RedNews

    For info; the subs taken out now will start from RedNews274 which will publish at the end of July/start of August. Our May double issue will conclude the sub campaign from 2019/20 - so if you subscribed then and now renew, your new sub would start from next season (we will work this out and let you know). If you are a new subscriber for the first time, the sub will also start from RedNews274 which will publish at the end of July/August and you would need to order the May 2020 double issue separately, unless you tell us otherwise... But we can accommodate any request, of course!

    Any questions whatsoever, let us know!
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    Done. All the best with this to all involved.