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You can subscribe and read Red News the mag as a digital edtion pdf on your pc, iphone, ipad or itouch

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  • You can subscribe and read Red News the mag as a digital edtion pdf on your pc, iphone, ipad or itouch

    You can subscribe and read Red News the mag as a digital edtion pdf on your pc, iphone, ipad or itouch

    And on the seventh day, Eric sat back and read Red News, just like you can with the new and improved Red News PDF version of the mag!

    You can now order Red News' as a pdf subscription.

    And you can now read the mag, on your iphone, itouch, smartphone or ipad if you're posh! To see how to get it onto your phone/pad, see below.

    We now offer Red News as a pdf format subscription for just £15.00 for ten issues! So anywhere around the world you can enjoy the same Red News as everyone at OT; all the articles and the hard work that goes into every edition anywhere you want it, on the go or at home. Each copy is sent by a secure link via email, where you can then go to the link and securely download your copy each month, password and name protected for your use only. This pdf can then be read on your pc, tablet or even mobile phone (format permitting). To see how to get it onto your phone/pad/touch, see below.

    For just £15.00 for 10 issues! (please note that it can't be printed out). For adults only.

    !!!PLEASE NOTE!!! To preserve the integrity and unique value to RN of the printed fanzine itself, the pdf subscription version will be delayed by just one week behind the street sold publication of the hard printed copy. So just and exactly one week after it's sold at OT, you will get the pdf version.

    You can also order the following back issues as a pdf download

    RN 162... £1.50
    RN 163... £1.50
    RN 164... £1.50
    RN 165... £1.50
    RN 166... £1.50
    RN 167... £1.50
    RN 168... £1.50
    RN 169... £1.50
    Rn 170... £1.50
    RN 171... £1.50
    RN 172... £1.50
    RN 173… £1.50
    RN 174… £1.50
    RN 175… £1.50
    RN 176… £1.50

    Please state PDF when ordering and remember to include your e.mail address that you want the link sent to and which number issue you would like the sub to start from or which copy you want if individually ordered.

    To order online (please read the !!!PLEASE NOTE!!! information before signing up as that will be considered acceptance of the offer) using any card you use, click on

    How to read Red News on your iphone, itouch or ipad!

    If you have iBooks installed on your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone (or just install the app iBooks, it's free), open up iTunes. Select File -> Add to Library. Add the Red News file which will be on your desktop after we have sent you a link to download it from. Once you’ve selected the Red News file, click Choose. Select Books from your iTunes Library. You'll see the Red News pdf that you added.

    select Get Info, select the Options tab and make sure that the Media Kind: is set to Book.

    Select your iPad, iTouch or iPhone from the Devices list in iTunes. Select the Books tab from the list. Check Sync Books (either all of them, or just the ones you'd like). Sync whichever device you are using. And bob's your Uncle, you now have Red News, the mag, to read on your phone or ipad!

    (for greater detail how to do this, check out
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