Cash prizes available

Simple to take part

No experience of betting on horses needed!

The entire jumps calendar is geared towards the Cheltenham Festival when, for four days in March, the best horses from Britain and Ireland bid to become champions of their individual disciplines. And what a cracking four days we get to enjoy year after year - A great atmosphere and plenty of competitive racing

And the Annual Red News Cheltenham Competition returns to make the Festival week even more enjoyable

Its simple enough to take part. Pick a horse from each race and based on where it finishes you get up to 10 points awarded. At the end of the week the 3 people with the highest point totals get cash prizes.

Past competitions have shown experience of horse racing is definitely not required to stand a chance of winning some money.

There is a dedicated thread so you chat about the races, brag about points obtained or just explain why the horse you picked in the last race fell at the first (it happens to the best of us !)

The competition is exclusive for our VIP members. if you are not one already, then you can become a VIP quickly and easily through this link ... - Gives you complete access for this site - both news on one page and all the VIP Forums for just £12.50 a year)

And the competition costs just £10 to enter which is used to provide a cash prize find for the top 3 point scorers over the festival.

Existing VIPers can enter the comp through this link -

We hope to see some new faces in the VIP forums taking part, and we hope you get to walk away with one of the prizes too!

Thank you