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Red News is 25 years old today. MUFC's First Fanzine. A message from the Editor.

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  • Red News is 25 years old today. MUFC's First Fanzine. A message from the Editor.

    Red News is 25 years old today. MUFC's First Fanzine. A message from the Editor.

    Red News is 25 years old today. MUFC's First Fanzine. A message from the Editor.

    Editing Red News has always been an honour and a privilege - and I am extremely proud to have edited RN for a quarter of a century. It hasn't always been easy, it has always been a labour of love - but we have provided a voice for Manchester United fans and an organ for Reds to express their opinions and challenge if necessary, with laughs on the way.

    It has become harder with the general print decline (though remember we are now in print and digital form), but for anyone thinking in this crazy internet world that a fanzine is less relevant we believe that a voice for United fans - and a visual presence outside Old Trafford each game (we have sold outside grounds for 800 MUFC fixtures) to challenge authority and any excesses shown by those running our club - is as vital as ever.

    We never knew that such glory lay ahead when we started; we'd have done this during dark or days of bright - because we do this as we firmly believe in our motto 'there is nothing on earth like being a Red'. We hope one day that the continual happy times shown by Sir Alex Ferguson (a genius and a legend) will also be repeated off the pitch when our ownership structure is one to be proud of, rather than one to cry about.

    Logistically, producing and selling a fanzine takes 100s of hours each month - planning, writing, art, graphics, printing to shouting 'new RN out today', and I would like to thank every single person who has made this possible; the sellers, the contributors, those who have offered help and given it, I won't be able to list everyone, because there are 100s, but I hope they realise they have a place in my warped mind which truly appreciates all they have ever done for Red News; and to every reader, young or old, new or long-term, RN is always your mag and I'd like to thank you all for stopping off in rain or shine to buy a little old fanzine with a big old voice, to laugh and sigh with.

    Here's to many more happy memories, but ready to fire ammo when we believe something is wrong.

    Here's to making it 20 on the pitch, and thanks to everyone for making it 25 unique, incredible years for Red News off it.


    April 20th 2012.

    Monday 20 April 1987. League Division One. 54,103 MUFC 1 - 0 Liverpool, Goal by Peter Davenport.

    Gary Walsh, Johnny Sivebaek, Arthur Albiston, Remi Moses, Paul McGrath, Kevin Moran, Mike Duxbury, Gordon Strachan, Norman Whiteside, Peter Davenport, Colin Gibson.
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