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The 4 star review for Red News 192 Kindle on Amazon

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  • The 4 star review for Red News 192 Kindle on Amazon

    The 4 star review for Red News 192 Kindle on Amazon

    Red News 193 to order here on the Kindle
    Red News 192 to order here on the Kindle
    Red News 2011/12 Fanzine Highlights - now available on the Kindle at Amazon to order here

    review up at

    A Great Economic Way to Get Your United Fix.

    My Red News subscription has ended with the last issue, which I received a couple of days ago. But I found about the Kindle version of RN a couple of weeks back. So I figured I would try it and compare it to the paper version. The reason I did not give it all 5 stars was because of the lack of pictures. The Kindle edition includes both the front and back covers, but no other pictures, just text. The articles however, are all included, so the Kindle reader won't miss a word. And for 1/3 of the price, compared to the Rest of the World subscription for the paper format. Even if one buys them by the stadium for 2 pounds 50, $3 is still cheaper. So economically this one is a winner. I just wish the good people at RN (I am looking at you Barney) would include more of the pics that accompany the articles. Of course the Kindle edition would have terrible quality pictures, but still, it would help to get the feel of the fanzine. I am sure the RN graphics dept can do this without much added cost.

    As for the fanzine itself. It's the oldest united fanzine, and still thriving. Which says a lot about the quality of it's content. It's both informative and funny, and at times, a bit controversial, which is a good thing IMO. The editorials are always good, the history related pieces as usually brilliant, and regular columns like Peter Shaw's are both funny and interesting….

    I do not collect my fanzines simply because I have no space. Would love to keep them, buy old editions and just leave them for prosperity, but alas. So if you are like me and have no need to own a physical copy of RN, this is a great alternative. RN made this edition precisely because of Royal mail's prohibitive delivery prices. So I thank them, because of their initiative I will be able to enjoy RN for years to come without feeling like I am overpaying.


    RN replies - After feedback from a couple of our Kindle readers - and this is a new way of us doing things so appreciate feedback as we develop each issue - we have included nearly all of the pics/graphics used in the new RN193 for the RN193 Kindle Edition and aim to do so in the future.

    Any comments let us know at [email protected]
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