In RN197 - out January 13th 2013...

Reditorial on Alex Ferguson - Harvard, Newcastle, the paradoxes, the detractors, the love.

United end. Late winner. Goonage. In picture.

@chinatownbranch with a vision of Stretford End, right side.

Pete Shaw on the crap that came out after the Newcastle game and why United fans should be in the Big Brother house.

Swansea, Wigan (@kevinashford7) and West Ham Cup away match write-ups by those who were there.

Hot Gossip.

Away Match Ticket discussions at the Fans Forum. A member on it gives an update. As Hot Gossip then looks at that is being discussed (ID cards) and what will probably happen…

@carlosartorial on a crazy Christmas spell.

Faceaches. This month's gems from the official fb page.

@R_o_M on Wayne Rooney and his ambition.

@Paul__Ring with a Half Term Report.

A Brum fan who travelled around South America watching over 60 matches in 18 countries tells us about his experiences.

Roy Cavanagh MBE continues his look at the 1962/63 season.

@Sleepy_Nik looks at the form of Antonio Valencia and @_Rob_B at that of Michael Carrick.

Loyal Through and Through is @jimmufc7

@willomufc takes a great look at old MUFC shirts and the memories they instil into him

and much more + gossip, graphics, tears, laughs and more! We're Reds not journos! By Reds, for Reds.

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