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Content of the new RN205 out Saturday 19th October 2013

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  • Content of the new RN205 out Saturday 19th October 2013

    In RN205 - published October 19th 2013

    Reditorial on Eusebio, Paul Ince, and David Moyes needing to be a bit less worried about opponents, and more attack minded.

    "To worry less about the teams we face, and let them start to worry again about us."

    The team picture. An alternative view.

    Pete Shaw is Red & Angry about United's twitter account, opponents DVDs and has some advice for United's wags. And lets rip at Peter Schmeichel, again.

    The Month Just gone… Gary Nev's look, Brenda is back and RN sellers stalk Darren Fletcher.

    Mike Phelan - United would have got Ronnie if… highlights from a short Q&A…

    The Curious Incident of the sale of Jaap Stam.

    San Sebastian Food & Drink Guide.

    Faceaches. This month's gems from the official fb page.

    Hot Gossip from Salford Red, the man who told you Fergie was retiring and Moyes was coming in (November 2012 'Fergie to go in May, think Moyes in'). He's good… and he has new goss. On Woodward saying Baines was, er, our Number 1 target and why J Standers should be worried...

    Centre-spread. United Road celebrating a goal in 1984 against Soton. It's a belter.

    I am not the Norm. by Sam.

    An exclusive extract from The Promised Land by Daniel Harris

    Roy Cavanagh MBE - @RoyMBE- remembers Jack Rowley. And remembers the time he interviewed him.

    Red artist @chinatownbranch with a gem of a vision of The Scoreboard End


    @carlosartorial (on depressing Utd days)

    @Paul__Ring - what Moyes needs to work out

    @_Rob_B (Moyes' first 100 days)

    @R_o_M (on Adnan and the international demand for him)

    and new writers

    Mystic Jules @racingcadiz (on Rooney)

    and Ramٍn Benيtez.

    Away Match Reports. city away (@KevinAshford7), Deonetsk, and Sunderland (@LeeHoll90) write ups by Reds who were there.

    New films out this Autumn… including Blue Has-been...

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