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2014 Red News Cheltenham Competition ... its what has been missing from our lives for a year

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  • E.S.
    the race schedule (we don't include the charity race on Thursday in this comp)

    race schedule pic.jpg
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  • E.S.
    each day - you pick a horse for each race that day

    Before 12pm each day, you post your selections in this thread or you can private message them to me

    e.g. in race order

    1 - binocular
    2 - Grandouet
    3 - Oscar Whisky
    4 - Finians Rainbow
    5 - Riverside Theatre
    6 - My Tent Or Yours

    You get points based on where your horses finishes
    1st = 10 points
    2nd = 5
    3rd = 3
    4th = 1 (only applicable if William Hill pay out to 4th place)

    At the end of the festival, the top 3 point scorers get a cash prize ... and honour (which usually involves bragging about it on your forum signature)

    How to enter

    Barney will provide a paypal link for the £10 to take part. (when we are a bit closer to the festival)

    That provides the prize fund available to the top 3 placed points scorers at the end of the festival. And a donation to Red News which goes towards the costs which are faced keeping the site and mag running. We hope you don't mind this. We love the fact that you are already taking part in the forums, and many of you buy the mag too. So thanks for your support.

    from every £10 -

    £5.25 goes on the 1st place prize
    £2.25 goes to 2nd place
    £1 goes to 3rd

    £1.50 goes to Red News

    Aiming to do a points update after each race. What points people scored in that race and the points totals for the festival.

    Plus a round up at the end of each day, with some comments on how people got on (both good and bad!)

    If you spot any mistakes with the points total then you can always feel free to let me know ... i'll blame excel and then correct it (deftly deflecting away any suggestion of human error)

    Any questions?

    post them in here or PM me.

    and thats it. cheers.

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  • 2014 Red News Cheltenham Competition ... its what has been missing from our lives for a year

    Say it year after year - but its amazing how close this competition ends up being. Thanks to whoever (my memory fails me) came up with it in the first place.

    Also entertaining seeing the changes in fortune for those taking part over the four days - from the confident starter who fades away, to the nervous debutant who gets better as each day passes.

    I looked back at last years comp review and stats ( and its amazing how much it changed about on the final day - including this unfortunate occurence for two forumites ...

    "Terrorbrit and Jasper. The former had been sitting atop the league for every day of the festival until day 4 arrived. Looked a banker for a good finish, but no.. Has to be the shock of the competition. Just hope thats not an omen for United in the league! And Jasper had improved his league position each day to find himself in the top 3 on day 3 only to end up in 10th after day 4. Ouch."

    but a bitter tasting final day for two was the reverse for mickmc and brennan who took advantage of the misfortune of the others (selfish bastards) and took the top two spots. JS picked up 3rd - he was a model of consistent scoring and it paid off (also managing to pick out 9 winners along the way - that's 1 winner for every 3 races - which is frankly gobsmacking and hard to understand how you cannot win the comp from that - but shows that points from picking placed finishers can still be better if you get enough of them)

    mick mc ended up 8 points clear (so only 1 race winner clear - you get 10 points for a winner) and only 5 points separated the next four places.

    right then, waffling over, competition details are posted below.