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MUFC news 23 september 2019

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  • E.S.
    Gary Nev thinks MUFC lack an experienced spine to the team

    “There's no-one who likes academy players playing for Manchester United more than me, but the manager needs some experience out there with them.

    “They haven't got any. All those young lads, they're talented but to come on in this atmosphere, when the team are struggling like this, it's difficult for them”

    “Ole wouldn't want to be calling on them [young players] in these moments.

    “He'll know. He was at the club long enough to know what he needs.

    “He needs three of four players down that spine to hold those young lads together”

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  • E.S.
    Keane thinks Ole is disgusted by the current MUFC team/performances

    "There was a feel-good factor for Ole at the start and he needs three of four transfer windows,"

    "But if you're not getting results and lose matches like today, the pressure builds and builds. You won't get time.

    "I have known Ole for a long time. I can tell looking at his eyes he is fuming and disgusted."

    Roy Keane is shocked

    "I don't know where to start. I knew they weren't in a great place but I am shocked and saddened by how bad they are.

    "You can lose a game of football but everything about United was lacklustre.

    “No quality. A lack of desire. A lack of leaders. A lack of characters. It's a long way back from united and it's scary just how far they have fallen."

    Roy Keane demands more from the players and from Ole

    ”When there are young players coming through, you have to remind them you are playing for Manchester United to win,”

    "People talk about development and finishing fourth, but don't forget about winning.

    "God help me in our dressing room if someone mentioned finishing fourth as a great achievement. He would have been lynched, absolutely,"

    “A couple of weeks ago I'd have said I wasn't sure about the top four for United but having looked at Tottenham and Arsenal over the last few weeks, I think United should be expecting to finish fourth.

    "It's there for the taking. It's there for a lot of teams and United, with the players that they have, should be capable of doing it.

    "That's where the pressure comes onto Ole because there has to be some sort of pressure on him.

    “You can't be saying: 'We've got a two to three year plan.' That's nonsense as well.

    “You've got to win football matches consistently at big clubs."

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  • E.S.
    Mourinho on buying a defender

    “It’s not about £1million more or £2m less, it’s about needing to buy at that moment,”

    “If you don’t buy Maguire, I think today [against West Ham] you would be playing Lindelof and [Axel] Tuanzebe or Lindelof and Phil Jones.

    “To play Lindelof and Maguire I think is a different picture. First of all because of [Maguire’s] physical qualities.

    “Lindelof is very, very good in some aspects of the game but he can be bullied in a one v one in the box, he’s not especially good in the air.

    “Maguire has that kind of presence and that kind of physicality that is very, very important.

    “He is not probably the fastest one but I think he is quite mobile for his huge body and he has very good qualities.

    “If they play Lindelof and Tuanzebe, Lindelof and Jones, Lindelof and Smalling, it wouldn’t be any improvement in relation to the previous season.

    “I was not an idiot when in the last pre-season I was crying for a central defender.”

    Mourinho on MUFC

    "I can't find any positives. We were bad last season, but I don't see any improvement this season - even with three new players,"

    "I have to say, players with a positive impact. I like the three (James, Wan-Bissaka and Maguire) and I think they're bringing good quality to the team.

    "But the team, as a team, I don't like at all. I'm not surprised by the result and I don't think Ole (Gunnar Solskjaer) can take many positives from the game."

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  • E.S.
    Souness thinks its the worst MUFC he’s seen since Fergie left

    "I would say this is the worst group United have had since the Premier League started,”

    "I grew up with United being an institution with experienced players. United are starting with a 22-year-old in Rashford and the next biggest threat is James.

    "I think United find themselves in a very difficult place. From the minute Fergie left, the problems have compounded."

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  • E.S.

    Ole responds to Mourinho comments

    "He's got his right to his own opinion. Of course we lost here last year - it's always a difficult ground to go to and we hoped to do better than we did,"

    "We hoped for better. But the key moments they grasped and we didn't. They had two fantastic finishes from two left feet, we just didn't take the chances when we had them."

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  • E.S.
    Ole thinks the issue is quality not attitude

    "It's a good group to work with, they are determined.

    "Sometimes along the road you're going to hit some bumps. This group is determined, they showed the desire we want. There's a good atmosphere in the dressing room and they've got their focus right.

    "This group want to do what we are trying to do, we are working in training. There are key moments in games that can tip games in our favour.

    "It might be a bad decision on a pass. But the attitude and desire is there. That's not the problem, it's the quality in our decision making and execution."

    Ole felt the game could have gone to either team

    “It was, as with many Premier League games, an even game that will be decided by quality at one end and today it was them with two very good goals, two great finishes, but of course we could have done better defending them and we should have, could have scored ourselves.

    ”When you lose a game you’re disappointed. It’s a game that could have gone both ways as you expect away from home in the Premier League.“

    Ole thinks its the forwards turn to get injuries

    “We’ve had, historically, loads of centre-backs who have struggled with injuries. We’ve come down here and Michael Carrick has played centre-back and Darren Fletcher has. At the moment it’s strikers, that’s just how it’s gone. Hopefully, Mason [Greenwood] and Anthony [Martial] will be back for Arsenal and at least one for Rochdale.

    ”We’ve got a scan tomorrow. He [Rashford] felt his groin, so he’ll probably be out for a little while. You never want to see players injured but that's part and parcel of the game. We've coped with that before and we're going to cope with that again.“

    Ole on missed chances

    ”We didn’t create enough chances, but we did create big chances that we didn’t take. They didn’t create too many either and it’s a game that could have gone both ways. When you have Marcus and Dan James I don’t think pace is the problem.

    “We had the momentum but that doesn't always give you goals and when you give fouls away just outside the box - they had one just before as well, Cresswell has got a good left foot. We felt that we should have had something from the game. We didn't and we've got to move forward.”

    Ole thinks West Ham away is always tough

    “It's always a difficult ground to go to and we hoped to do better than we did. We hoped for better, but in the key moments they grasped it and we didn’t. They had two fantastic finishes from two left feet and we didn’t take our chances when we had them.”

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  • E.S.
    started a topic MUFC news 23 september 2019

    MUFC news 23 september 2019

    Super Scott thinks the players need to do more

    “It was a tough game,”

    “We know we all need to do more on and off the ball.

    “It’s up to us now, with all the leaders in the group that we’ve got we need to bring everyone together and keep our heads. It’s not the time to back down and say ‘this is ok’. It’s not ok! We need to do more on and off and pitch.

    “The manager has reiterated that, how it’s about the standards of this football club and they weren’t there today.

    “It’s sickening when you come in and that’s the result,”

    “It’s so tough to take and it’s difficult for all our fans as well who were unbelievable all game. Unfortunately we didn’t send them back with three points.”

    Super Scott doesn’t think injuries can be an excuse

    “It’s no excuse,”

    “We have quality all over the squad and obviously some of the main players who play every week are injured, but so be it.

    ‘It’s a chance for young players to come in and make their mark and in the future we have to look to them and hopefully they can get some more game time because we need them. It’s not a time to drop your head.”

    Super Scott think small differences can have a big impact

    “It’s the fine margins in a game,”

    “If you take your chances [things can be different] - it’s up to everybody, defenders and midfielders, obviously myself Nemanja [Matic] and the attackers to do more.

    “We all have to do more, we have to contribute more to the play going forward. We had chances going forward and in football you have to take them. If you don’t, you get punished.”