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A Red Perspective by Ian - I DON'T BELIEVE IT!

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  • A Red Perspective by Ian - I DON'T BELIEVE IT!


    I have always thought the more astute football supporter does not consider their team to be invincible if they win three or four games on the trot, anymore than they call for wholesale sackings if they lose a few in a row.

    I accept United will not always be at the top of the tree, but the two things my inner Victor Meldrew cannot accept are :-

    Chaotic off field management incompetence of sufficient magnitude to render the club a laughing stock – there are numerous examples, the Pogba and Lingard contract position being two of the recent classics.

    Grossly overpaid players putting in the bare minimum of effort and seemingly not giving a toss for the supporters, the club and their own personal pride. Since early March very few of the chosen XI can be proud of their performance. Most of them have indeed not been fit to wear the shirt, as our frustrated fans clearly informed them at the end of the recent Brighton away game.

    You could write a book covering the last couple of months or so, but keeping it brief there are a few basic Do’s and Don’ts which if they are not put right quickly we could be in an even worse position next season: -

    DO hope to Christ the Glazers will do the decent thing and sell at a realistic price as soon as possible. The rot starts at the top and the malaise is a result of their inept selection of senior executives. As a result too many of the players and their agents know they can take the piss.

    DON’T blame Ralf. He must be kicking himself for taking on such a poisoned chalice. Those players who don’t care have identified his interim manager role as giving him no real authority. Not surprisingly, if your first consideration is your pay packet and not the club and you have no boss with the power to kick your arse when you do no more than go through the motions, some will take advantage. It’s bloody shameful.

    DO blame the players who have besmirched the name of Manchester United. They know who they are and so do we. I hope they never play for us again .

    DON’T expect too much, too soon from the new manager. He has a mammoth task on his hands and he will need a squad of players with the mental and physical skills to do their very best for the club. The requisite ability is of course vital, but if you lack professionalism both individually and as a team then you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Expending maximum effort, desire and enthusiasm every time you put on the shirt should be a given, but this season we know from bitter experience it is not the case .

    Hopefully Erik can give us back our pride and a bit more.

    DO pray this does not get worse. Without a massive overhaul throughout the club it really is not over reacting to worry we could have a re run of 1974. I remember it well and it was horrible. The big difference between then and now is I have no recollection of the players of the class of '74 throwing in the towel. The team were not good enough that year, but at least tried their best.

    DON’T buy players that are unlikely to improve us. As I write this there is talk of Pau Torres. He’s ok, but a fit Varane fills that role. What we need is a Jaap Stam clone. Not easy to find , but someone out there must be reasonably close. In our current plight I can see the advantage of Erik bringing in players he knows have the ability and trusts to perform not just when they feel like it. So if we start the season with Timber, De Ligt and DeJong in the team, along with a decent defensive central midfielder, then we might just be on the way back

    DO hope the best players in our Under 23 and FA Youth Cup squads will make it through as first team regulars in the next few years without being persuaded to sell their souls to the human rights abusing, oil rich nations who have slipped through the fit and proper owners' test without redress.

    DON’T give up. We must always support the team no matter what, but that doesn’t mean we cannot moan like hell when we witness incompetence and indifference. In the boardroom we have been on a slippery slope for years, going back to the time when those in control were happy to promote a sale to Murdoch. Thank your God for all those who fought hard to stop him. Sadly the current debacle is as bad.

    It can only get better, can’t it?

    Ian – ageing lifetime supporter.
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