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Alex Ferguson in full to MUTV on the Van Persie signing and maybe one more

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  • Alex Ferguson in full to MUTV on the Van Persie signing and maybe one more

    Alex Ferguson in full to MUTV on the Van Persie signing and maybe one more

    "Well, I'm delighted, it's been a long haul, it wasn't an easy one to be honest with you because understandably Arsene Wenger didn't want to sell to Manchester United and he's already mentioned that in this morning's papers but the boy wanted to come to us, that's important, he turned down various clubs to join us because he wants the challenge of coming to the biggest club in the world and I think that's fantastic."

    Q. How important is it that he actaully wanted to come here?

    "Well that's what swung it, that's what made it possible. If he hadn't come out forcibly to Arsenal and tell them 'look, I want to go to Manchester United' then it meant that negotiations were really over, the only negotiation left was agreeing the fee. There was noone else left in the picture because the boy wanted, he was desperate to come to Manchester United.

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    Q. In recent years you've signed players earlier in their career, is it that this was just too good an opportunity to turn down?

    "You can't turn that down. I wasn't… I didn't think it would be possible that we could get Van Persie, if you talk about last season, but when I read he refused to sign a new contract and he made it publically known that he wanted to leave Arsenal then we had to be interested, there was no question about that. And I spoke to David Gill and David Gill spoke to the Glazer family and we got the ball rolling, but that was some months ago, it's been a long, long haul, it's not been an easy one, but thankfully we've got it there."

    Q> Is this a real statement of intent, that you want that trophy back because it's been a real lift and boost to everyone associated with Manchester United?

    "I think it has given everyone a lift. They were telling me that there were people outside the hospital from 7am yesterday morning, one young kid in wheelchair, waiting for Van Persie, and the hospital took him indoors and Robin signed all the autographs which was a fantastic thing to do and I wish all footballers would do that, would be the same. I think once that we get the medical over and done and contract agreed then we're all happy.

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    Q> Does it give you a nice selection problem?

    "It's not going to be easy, let's be honest with that. I've bought a complication to my life now, really! But when I go back to '99, somehow, I don't know how I managed it, I"m trying to think how I did it back in those days, but it must have been terribly difficult, because Sheringham and Ole would have walked into any other team in the country, but Cole and Yorke formed an amazing, not so much partnership, relationship. They seemed to be in each other's brain, they knew exactly what each other was doing, they could read one another, it was a fantastic telepathy of a player union of these two players.

    Q. I know you've got lots of options but people will naturally think Van Persie and Rooney because of their natural scoring exploits, do you think they could gel together?

    "I think that, absolutely. That had to be in our estimation of bringing Robin here that we had to… what would be the combinations because Robin can actually play in two or three positions as he's done at Arsenal, last season he proved what his best position was, number 1, furthest up the pitch, 37 goals, 30 league goals, that in itself tells you where his best position is. But Arsenal over the years have sort of evolved their systems a bit and therefore that's maybe why he was sometimes played midfield, wide right, sometimes wide left, and in that situation now I have the possibility I can play Rooney through, Van Persie through, Chicharito through, I've got Danny Welbeck who could play through and I've got Kagawa playing in that hole behind, who is a fantastic young footballer too. So that's my dilemma but you know that the most important thing for all these 5 players, and you've got Macheda, young Macheda, who is still a young lad, only 20 years of age, the important thing is to win what we want to win, that's the important thing and the players, as a unit, the 5 of them, have helped us to do that by offering a goal contribution that is better than everyone else, then we've done the right thing.

    Q. Are you happy with your squad now, do you think there will be any more business to be done now is it pretty much it?

    "No, I think it's maybe one other position, but we've spent a big bit of money and if I need to go to the Glazer family then I am sure they would say yes but it's only if a certain player was, became available then we would take it."
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