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  • E.S.
    love it or hate it ... Fergie always has his reasons for chipping in, and you can be sure he will be doing it to benefit MUFC

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  • Bunter1969
    started a topic Just every once in a while

    Just every once in a while

    I wish Sir Alex would just keep his nose out of stuff that doesn't really concern him, this time it's the whole Chelsea/Clattenburg/race issue. I hear that he is in the papers claiming that Chelsea, either players, staffers or both, actually, to one extent or another, fabricated some of their 'evidence' that the racial abuse in question actually took place.

    Now we know that reporters will hound the gaffer for quotes, and will no doubt use a lilt to their tome that will cause the most interest, being creative with whatever tit bits they have managed to garner, so why can't sir Alex simply utter no comment when these issues are raised??

    It stands to reason that his opinion will be sought, I fully understand the desire of the press to secure it, he's the main man, has been for an age, but he is under no obligation at all to feed them the quotes they desire to fire their controversy.

    The follow up stories were most likely written in advance of todays publications, no doubt sir Alex will be roundly condemned for involving himself in a matter which he really has no need to go near. The same people that were only to eager to get his thoughts on the matter will be the same ones that roundly condemn him for them in their next breath.

    The stuff we read in the aftermath of the fat Spanish waiter being appointed at Chelsea was classic sir Alex, don't let the new incumbents arse hit the seat before getting wired into him. The fact that it's an old adversary just makes it more amusing, and these are the type of mind games that he is famous for. The comments that basically accuse Chelsea of making up the whole Clattenburg incident may be designed to keep twisting the knife, but they are a million miles away from calling Rafa 'lucky' in order to unsettle him.

    As I said, in a seagull/trawler way, the press will do their very most to get just a crumb, a single morsel that they can then elaborate into a whole aticle, yet it continues to happen and Fergie seems more than happy to oblige. I realise that the boss won't be overly concerned with any criticism his comments may invoke, but I still can't help but wish, that just now and then, he'd take a political silence on issues that are obviously going to be controversial.