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Pete Shaw on the 'DEAL WITH THEM' screams after events at the Derby on Sunday.

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  • Pete Shaw on the 'DEAL WITH THEM' screams after events at the Derby on Sunday.

    Pete Shaw on the 'DEAL WITH THEM' screams after events at the Derby on Sunday.

    You can read Pete Shaw each fanzine at

    People without a clue, lecture the clueless about our game. Gordon Taylor talks netting, saying we don't want to go back to fences, in tones we've heard for years from people inside the game to those that fund it, us, on the outside as ever was which suggests that deep down, none of them really want any of us there at all, bar the trifle matter of us through tickets and sucking up their third party brands, funding the whole sorry saga.

    They scream 'WE NEED TO DEAL WITH THESE MORONS', but as far as I can see, the pitch invader banned for life, a manhunt for the coin thrower (and rightly so) resembling the hunt for Dr. Richard Kimble, and several others with collars felt (and not in the Neil Ruddock to Eric Cantona way), that the cranks are being dealt with, but the media can't accept that, so still treat events as if every single fan at the Derby has gotten away with the Great Train Robbery. How the hell did we all survive and get home afterwards? This country loves nothing more than a good old moral panic. With lots of fear thrown on like ketchup.

    In this day and age you have to be a right braindead fucker to run on the pitch, and throwing a coin, what’s that all about, and whilst Sky filled an empty day with headlining the coins screaming ‘DEAL WITH IT’, in fact it was being dealt with, as most at it will get done and banned. It would be better than wheeling out outdated fools like Gordon Taylor to talk of nets (around the dug outs he even suggested, why, unless to stop us being drowned in Big Sam phlegm) to show and interview just one banned lad who in a moment of madness has thrown what he loves down the drain and had his life changed forever. Why is the attention always focussed on events rather than the consequences for those involved after the event? Let one banned lad go on screen talking about missing out (of course to be fair to Divs, that's not actually very much he's missing out on), but a young kid might take on board listening to someone unable to go to their football club for years rather than listening to what Sky's Kay Burley is whittering away about, clueless.

    That kind of reflection would be more education than the bollocks spouted in the wake of Sunday’s great win.

    Coin throwing is BAD. We all know that, kids have lost eyes at United due to it, and probably the cretin who hit Rio does know it now too. It's how you deal with the jerks and their moments of madness - with a knee jerk or properly thinking this through? In turning all eyes to the event, we also ignore the arbitrary way in which bannings orders are being applied and used anyway, away from the cut and dried obvious cases. Not all are within the same reason and justification like Sunday. Some are of concern when the authorities seem to be taking liberties with others’ civility. Let us not forget as SKY and others led with this ahead of other news (wars and shite), the officer in charge on Sunday said: "At other derbies you would expect 20,30 or even 40 arrests and even with the coin throwing there were seven on Sunday." 7. Out of all those moustaches? Perspective then? Journos tell us the game is spiralling out of control - only by the owners I’d say, and what, they want to sanitise it even more? Does that include the journos scrapping with each other when they are on the booze? (too many instances to list!).

    The game has changed and at OT, for pretty much 99.9% of our existence we don't throw ourselves in the air let alone coins, and whilst they still show league tables for arrests, out of the thousands who go, to have so few (despite the at times OTT zeal of the dibble) arrested is better law of averages/less trouble than that same amount of people in pubs, or out and about on a night out (or on countryside marches to protest about bloody fox hunting, remember that?!) so the stark reality is you're always going to get a few knobs who'd rather throw a coin than spend it, but with CCTV will be counting only the days until they can go again when caught. So it's not the big issue and unsolvable crime made out and when/if there is a next time, then the next sorry sap will get his comeuppance. We are always talking about the very few here.

    But we've seen the faux moral outrage before as the jerks, knee jerk once again. A few people go ‘string them up, ban them for life’, it leads the front pages (and there's a strange take on things when wars and death around the world are deemed less worthy), and the nodding sages in power strike out as if it all goes away by dealing with it with a snarling face themselves. What happens next? Who is actually bringing a bit of common sense to this sorry dance?

    You see we know in the 80s, as bans came in during the 90s, that not every case is so easy to judge, and whilst the Government purred at dealing with this problem, it was never football's problem alone and these people just carried on, away from intruding lenses or football pitches. A neanderthal doesn't simply revert up the Darwinism scale when removed from football for singing a racist song. And society's laughable theory of rehabilitation (there pretty much isn't any, unless you captain Chelsea, you should pay for any crimes for as long as they can make you) means root causes aren't really dealt with by education; just shove them to the peripheries, close eyes and hope they and it just goes away, to disappear off the face of the earth. As the headline on a news channel from an organisation that listened to voicemails of a dead girl moves onto to its next story, never to refer back to that which they screamed about. What’s the next headline? So the issues get forgotten.
    United lads labelled hooligans for moments of madness might not actually be deserving of the tag but a banning order - draconian in its length and failure to deal with the root causes - can be life affecting. Do we not give second chances? Something is amiss when football authorities cut funding to those fan bodies trying to create publicity and programmes for education against racism and the like, and just lash out with ‘ban them for life’, ‘let's consider points deductions’, yet when these provocative words and terms of racist abuse are uttered by actual professionals, they receive nothing more than a ticking off. That kind of hypocrisy is more dangerous than anything we saw on Derby Day. That is a problem that they have created themselves.

    This is far more ingrained than banning one or two dickheads and ignoring what happens to them next, or caring little that the over riding message isn't don't sing it, but don't get caught.

    Society continues to ignore the bigger problems, these lads are dealt with at football but their problems are never dealt with. The story becomes THE story for a day or so and then it dies a death, never to be mentioned again. Lesson learnt, the press just wanted a story and not look at what the real issues are. United's support is cosmopolitan enough to ensure these issues are only minor on our travels, but whilst I'm glad at some aspects of football's progress these past 20 years, the progress of actually dealing with society's root problems - a mindless ignorant mass that is unable to reason and possesses even but a little common sense - have been ignored and ostracised. And football still gets the blame. As they simply hope it'll all go away with the one stupid idiotic lad who gets banned after a chant or a throw of a coin.

    There are so many side issues to this, that focussing on Rio’s forehead is completely missing the bigger picture, of over reactions from press, authorities and a failure to even converse properly with the fans on any significant level. Fans’ groups, fanzines and you or I just ignored, told what to do and when - when we could do better at education and self policing than they ever could. I fear for society because it seems so stupid these days. Sunday showed that there are a few idiots whose stupidity stands out yet those lecturing appear as witless with their responses.

    Education, education, education then. As they told us. But this country is so skint it's ignored education full stop, we're just creating yet more generations of clueless fecks wearing shit hats who think you know what, if I run on the pitch right now to give Rio a peace of my mind, I can't see any negatives to that gem of an idea. Deal with society oh moral lecturers, because if you think the problem is football's, you're either blind, stupid or both. Deal with that.

    Pete Shaw. December 2012.

    You can read Pete Shaw each fanzine at
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