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Full transcript of the David Moyes press conference in Japan today (22nd July 2013)

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  • Full transcript of the David Moyes press conference in Japan today (22nd July 2013)

    Full transcript of the David Moyes press conference in Japan today (22nd July 2013)

    bit disjointed due to the English to Japanese translation of every answer and then Shotbolt calling it to an abrupt end for Moyes/Kagawa photo call.

    asked about Shinji Kagawa

    "I know a little about him as a player. Sir Alex spoke in glowing terms about Shinji and how good a player he is. I've just met him today, so we're getting to know each other. I'm trying to learn my Japanese and he's trying to understand my Scottish!"

    Q. Any update on potential transfers in, and if there isn't, can you understand why some fans are getting a little bit anxious about why there hasn't been any yet?

    "I can understand that, but as you rightly said, there isn't any real update we can give you, but I can understand why that would be the feeling. But I think everybody thought that this might be the summer - because we have got a few changes - my position, other managers have changed at other clubs, and it might be that the transfers are later in the month, and I think that was always the thought I had when I came into the job. And you've got to remember I only started the job on July 1 as well, so in truth I've really only been in this job for three weeks at this present time."

    Q. This follows on from that question, can you clarify if you've had a response from Barcelona, with respect of a bid for Fabregas, because it's been five days now and you'd expect some response from them in that time

    "My understanding is that Ed's had a response and he's spoke with them and again I think we've made a second offer. But Ed's dealing with that, rather than me personally here just now."

    Q. Does there come a point then David with that particular transfer and any other bid that you are working on where you have to say 'ok, this one is just dragging and dragging and we'll have to leave it and move to the next target?'

    "Yeah, I think a point does come but I think when you are interested in good players you want to give it every opportunity to materialise. And I'll do that. I'll try and hope that things can continue to try and move forward. At this moment in time I can only tell you that Ed Woodward is working hard on trying to make the deals happen and we hope that some of them will fall into place shortly."

    Q. So as you said, you know Shinji, so what do you expect from him this season?

    "Well I'm looking forward to working with him, getting to know Shinji. As I said I had Sir Alex told me lots of good things about Shinji. It was his first season in the Premier League last year. He's a young player so we hope his development continues. And I look forward to personally working with him and hopefully he has a really good season coming up."

    Q. Got no injuries or anything?

    "No injuries, a little bit of… Michael Carrick just has a tight groin. I expect Jonny Evans to be okay and Alex Buttner to be okay. So in the main, I'm hoping that most of us we're very close to full strength at this point."

    Q. The three lads that have joined you, are they in contention to start?

    "Yeah, robably won't start this game the three boys but they'll definitely be involved. I want to try and get them, they've been in training, certainly Young and Smalling have been training very hard back home, they've come out. Shinji has been mainly on holiday but he has been trained this week so we'll get them involved in the games as well and we'll involve the three players as we go along in the next couple of games."
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