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Full transcript of the David Moyes press conference in Osaka Japan today (25th July 2013)

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  • Full transcript of the David Moyes press conference in Osaka Japan today (25th July 2013)

    Full transcript of the David Moyes press conference in Osaka Japan today (25th July 2013)

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    Again disjointed with the English to Japanase and back translations

    Q. Hi David, how important is it to win tomorrow?

    "It's always important to win all games and we'll try and do so. It's not as important as winning the first Premier League game of the season but you want to win as often as you can and we'll try and do so."

    Q. David, it's much hotter than Yokohama I think, as a consequence, how is this climate treating the squad?

    "Yeah, it's very hot and difficult for players, certainly from our country not used to training or playing in these conditions but I hope that we'll benefit when we get back to England from playing in such warm conditions but we may need to use all of our players tomorrow night to make sure they everybody doesn't have to lose so much weight and so much fluid and I am sure which will be a very hot evening."

    Q. David, could you just give us a fitness update, you mentioned Danny and Robin the other night but also people like Vida who are at home?

    "Yeah. There was a practice match at the training ground the other day where Vida, Nani and Valencia all got some playing time in that. So that's good news. Wayne is also running and probably at the level expectancy where we thought he would be just now and he'll pick up his work again this week. The boys here, Robin was just precautionary, we took him off the other night for precaution. Michael Carrick had a little bit of a tight groin and he is doing better. Probably won't feature tomorrow night but everything going well should be ok to sort of resume training probably over the weekend sometime.”

    Q. And Danny?

    "I expect them both I think to be ok to play yeah."

    Q to Kagawa. Lingard, Zaha… you have a lot of younger players that'll be fighting for positions, so how do you plan to appeal to the team to win your position?

    Kagawa. Well last year I knew that there would be a lot of competition for the team for me to be in the starting line up, and I know that it is a big club and that would happen so I really need to show results and there are so many things I need to do, to do the hard work every day, and tomorrow I'll be playing at my home country but I want to be concentrating on the game to be able to perform at my best."

    Q. Do you want to be asked again, but are we at the stage yet where we give up on Frabegas or is that just ongoing?

    "Ongoing, er…" (cut off by translator, damn!, but MOyes says 'thank you')

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    Q> David, this is the 4th match of the tour, it's quite a long tour, you obviously didn;t play any part in arranging it or anything, how have you found the tour, there's a lot of travelling, lot of demands on the players?

    “I'll try not to make it too long winded for the Japanese intrepretor but at the moment in time we’ve enjoyed the tour very much. It’s been incredibly well run by Manchester United – I’ve been amazed how well it's organised. The games have been very good. The training, the facilities. So I;m sure for anybody who goes away from their family for three weeks it can be tough but I think Manchester United have made it as good as they possibly could do so and at this moment in time I'm still very much enjoying it.”

    Q. Pretty much half way through the summer now, is it possible to say something on how you assess the opponents for next season now?

    "There will be big competition in the Premier League. Lots of new managers, certainly some new players. It should be an interesting Premier League next year, and a big change, but one, the level of competition will be high. Chelsea, Arsenal, you know, Manchester City, Spurs , certainly all those clubs that will be around it. Liverpool as well and possibly even Everton. So from that point of view, I think it should be an interesting PL season and one hopefully that everybody, not just in the UK is looking forward to but everybody in Asia and Scandanavia."

    Q. The manager here is the guy who gave Shinji his big break, how important is he going to be next season?

    "I am sure Shinji will play a big part. Sir Alex spoke in glowing terms of him when he spoke to me about the job. He's an exciting young player. He had his first season in the PL last year and we're hoping for good things from him. He's a big talent and hopefully one that will develop and improve over the coming seasons."


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