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David Moyes on Wayne Rooney + Utd players tonight for England on ITV (and all his United related quotes to them in full, pre-during and post game

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  • David Moyes on Wayne Rooney + Utd players tonight for England on ITV (and all his United related quotes to them in full, pre-during and post game

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    "I've told the England boys at United if they win (tonight), there's going to be running tomorrow the minute they come back in! So mixed fir me, obviously I want Scotland to win, but I want my boys to play well."

    "I think everybody likes to see Wayne Rooney performing well. I think the big thing is he's trained well since the start of pre-season, picked up his injuries but I think now he'll be looking forward to the game, he's only played 45 minutes [this pre-season] in a behind closed door game where he picked up a shoulder injury and I'm sure he'll be looking forward to getting out there and playing, it's a big game tonight for him as well. Well, it is still pre-season isn't it so you've got to get your players fit somewhere, you've got to get them ready to start the season, Wayne unfortunately missed a few games through injury which he'd have been involved in so tonight I see that as a plus that he's going to get a bit of the game."

    on Welbeck, Cleverley: "Well I've seen them close up in the last six weeks or so, and I've got to say they are both really good young talented players with great attitude to play, good mentality both of them and you know we're lucky at Manchester United to have them but more importantly it's great that England select them, there's a lot of Manchester United players in the England team which shows that we've always try and encourage our own British and English players in particular."

    "He got a little bit stronger as the first half went on, but that was to be expected, he's only back into the football as we talked about earlier, and I think as he went on his touch was very good, he set one up just before the goal which was a really good defensive tackle in the box by Scotland, so he's had good moments, I think some of his movement has been very good, but he'll improve with the games."

    "Tom Cleverley played a really good ball for Walcott's goal, Tom weights a lovely pass through for Theo."

    "We want the players to be in a good condition going into the season, obviously injuries are part and parcel of football, you have to play for your countries, that's part of the job for the top players, so we're happy that they are playing and getting a good game."

    "Good he stayed on for the start of the 2nd half, hopefully he can keep it going and give us a bit more before the end (of the game)."

    "Danny Welbeck's goal - which he won't be invited back into training tomorrow I can tell you that's for sure!"

    "Great that Danny stuck it away but Scotland - it was too easy - will be disappointed with the defending not to get a bit on that and try and make sure England don't score."

    "I thought Danny and Tom did very well and I thought Wayne grew into the game when he went on but I think for Danny, he got his goal tonight and showed what he is capable of."

    asked by Chiles bighead will Rooney be out for Swansea but back for the end of the month?

    "Well I think the important thing today was that he got some playing minutes so that bodes well for us and hopefully it will start to get him ready for when he is available and fit to play."

    asked if he's looking forward to the end of the transfer window so he can get on with his job?

    "Smiles… looking forward to the start of the season, I think that is what all the managers are looking forward to just now, we've all been working hard over pre-season so we're looking forward to getting it kicked off now."
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