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Reclaim United - Club have said they will trial Singing Section at Real Sociedad at home, if there is interest

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  • Reclaim United - Club have said they will trial Singing Section at Real Sociedad at home, if there is interest


    Spread the word!!!!!

    Fan's United are a group of the following : Stretford End Flags , Pete Boyle & Reclaim United who have secured permission from Manchester United to do a singing section Trial at Old Trafford On 23RD October v REAL SOCIEDAD

    Fans United "Reclaim United, Stretford End Flags and Pete Boyle "met up with representatives from the club last Friday. Manchester United reiterated their support to helping fans to establish a permanent singing section at Old Trafford. The first step is a test to see if we can generate enough fan interest and to demonstrate that we can self-police a successful singing section during a match. For a number of reasons, the club are not able to permit this test for the Capital One Cup game against Liverpool. The most important thing we need to ensure is that this first test passes off without major incident. It was thought best to choose a game that could best ensure this.

    To make sure we don’t lose momentum, the club have instead offered the current away fans section [South East Quadrant/L Stand/Blocks E230 & E231] for the Real Sociedad match on Wednesday 23rd October.

    It is our responsibility to now make this work. The club will offer help and support, they will work with us with regards to allowing flags into the section, help with the arrangements around a march to the ground, find areas for us to put up banners in the section – but it’s up to us to make sure it is a success and that we work with the stewards to self-police.

    In consultation with the club we have agreed to limit the singing section to a manageable number. We will therefore keep the number of fans in the singing section to a maximum 1,400 fans. We now need to all pull together and get 1,400 fans to fill the section and make it a great atmosphere. The way it will work is as follows :-

    1) Season ticket holders and members should immediately register their interest to be in the singing section by emailing their name, season ticket/membership number and the number of tickets they would like to [email protected]

    2) On Monday 30th September, interested season ticket holders will be asked to call the ticket office and confirm that they want to transfer their current seats to singing section for this game. This will be sorted over the phone.
    3) The club have agreed to honour upgrades and downgrades. Therefore the club will refund the price difference to fans moving from more expensive seats and not charge the extra for fans moving from less expensive seats.
    4) If the full allocation of 1,400 seats are not taken by existing season ticket holders, the remaining seats will be made available to non-season tickets holders as long as they are members and who have registered their interest at the email address.

    The club seem very committed to helping us make this work. Now it’s up to us.

    We will be publishing further answers to questions over the next few days, but the key first step is for you to register your interest at [email protected] ASAP over the next week or so. That way, we’ll know we have enough fans to make the night a great success.

    We’ll look at helping as many people as possible with pre cut banners that you can pick up in the games leading up to Real Sociedad so all you have to do is fill them out with whatever you want on it when you get home. we’ll get seems and ties added on for you. We’ll also look at plastic sticks the club will be happy to let in. We’ll help with advice on how to do this if you need it. We’ll talk to the club about the best way getting these inside the ground. It may be you may need to hand them back to us and pick them up inside. We’ll announce something of a plan on it sometime very soon.
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