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A message to the #moyesout brigade by Steven Kedie

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  • A message to the #moyesout brigade by Steven Kedie

    What follows here is aimed at some United fans. Not all, not even a majority. But some. Some fans who are living up to the stereotype painted by many non-United fans for years. The stereotype that says a generation of United fans who have only known success are arrogant and spoilt. A generation that act as if success is a divine right. That view is not based on the reality of the majority, but on the few who have in the last few years have wanted Ferguson sacked one week, the entire team dropped or sold the next. The people who probably wanted to make the team walk home from Rome because they couldn’t get near the greatest football team of the last decade at their peak during a Champions League Final. Not a qualifying round, a final.

    And now this minority are finding their voice again. They can be summed up in 9 characters. 1 # and 8 letters.


    Aaron Sorkin, the wonderful writer of The West Wing, once said that whilst he believes that everyone has the right to an opinion, he doesn’t feel everyone has earned the right to a turn at the microphone. Twitter, it would appear, is that microphone to voice the #moyesout opinion.

    Has there ever been anything more simple to sum up the modern football fan than the above hashtag? I doubt it. People are claiming they are sick of Moyes already, that he is not good enough or big enough for United. So I ask this: If David Moyes was sacked tomorrow, who would you replace him with? Mourinho? For all the positives of his record, that is not going to happen. Do you honestly think even if he wanted the job after his apparent anger at being over looked in the summer (if the stories of tears are to be believed), Chelsea will happily let their manager leave so soon into a new long term contract to go and manage one of their biggest rivals? No chance.

    So who else? Guardiola? The man who is managing the current European Champions. The man who was learning German six months before his signing as Bayern Munich manager was announced? You think he will leave there to go to a club who has sacked a manager after six games? Not likely.

    So who else is available, has the right experience and big enough? The only European Cup winning manager out of work with recent Premier League experience I can think of is Robert Di Matteo. And he’s being linked with Sunderland. Big enough for the #moyesout brigade? I doubt it.

    The truth of the #moyesout (it’s making me more angry each time I type it) voice is that it does stink of arrogance and spoilt behaviour. For years United have laughed as other clubs have hired and fired managers in a desperate attempt to compete with our success. Just look a City, certainly in the pre Oil money owned years. We could walk on the high moral ground knowing United were not that reactionary. Long term success was built on a foundation of stability. Should that model suddenly be uprooted because of a poor start under a new manager?

    There was a recent article based on Moyes’ scouting network at Everton that stated he had a room at Everton’s training ground that focused on thousands of players from around the world, their strengths and weakness, price, availability, character, age etc. He also had boards with his prospect first elevens for the following two seasons. Do you think there is such a room at Carrington yet with all of the required information on his own players, let alone prospect signings that will improve the team? Moyes is learning about the job and his players every day and those who are making that task more difficult by calling for his head should frankly be ashamed of themselves. Every time someone adds to #moyesout they are giving the press another stick to beat him with. You are making the job harder at a time when United fans support is crucial in making the transition easier.

    There are positives to be seen under Moyes already. Adnan Januzai is in a similar position contractually to Paul Pogba. But Januzaj under Moyes is getting games, unlike Pogba under Ferguson (although this may be due to an attitude difference from the players involved). Moyes is taking a talented 18 year old and trusting him in the harsh world of Premier League first team football. He is making him a better player and hopefully showing him his future lies at Old Trafford on the wonderful stage of Old Trafford. Paul Pogba plays in Italy now, as the kind of midfielder we have been missing. In trusting young players and giving them an opportunity Moyes is carrying on a major tradition of United. One both Busby and Ferguson had great success with. But the key thing with young players is patience, as it is with a new manager.

    Speaking of Ferguson, in 1990 when fans some fans were saying his time had come to an end, director Bobby Charlton was in the boardroom praising the good work behind the scenes Ferguson had done to move the football club forwards and build the platform for what became future successes. Moyes is Ferguson’s appointment. Do people really believe Ferguson, such a huge supporter of managerial longevity, would allow the influence of this twitter campaign to go back on his decision after so little passing of time?

    Our club is based on long term traditions and the strength of us against the world. We are better when everyone is against us. This is one of those times when we all, collectively, need to back the manager, as Ferguson himself told us we would need to do just last May.

    We need to get behind the players and encourage them forward in this journey into the great unknown of the coming games and seasons.
    We need to be a wall of noise.
    We need to be one voice.
    We need to be United.

    So I say to everyone who feels that we should get rid of David Moyes because they think he is not good enough for United, ask yourself one question: Are you?

    by Steven Kedie

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