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Real Sociedad Away as seen by RN Forumite Coggie…

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  • Real Sociedad Away as seen by RN Forumite Coggie…

    Real Sociedad Away as seen by RN Forumite Coggie…

    Can you imagine a scenario where a thousand or so rival fans turn round to United fans in K Stand and ask them to tie their flags to the barriers next to them thus meaning that there was no or little space for their own….

    I’m sure you would have got a few choice Anglo Saxon words even gestures from my fellow reds.

    However this did happen in San Sebastian, with all space being used at the front our hosts kindly put United flags on the tier above us in a gesture unlikely to be seen again this season. Not only that they actually threw them back down to us at the end of the game!

    You could tell that for the fans of Real Sociedad this was an occasion they had waited many years for….they got in the ground early and were looking to swap scarves and shirts with us. In fact one lad offered to give a United female fan 10 euros if she gave him a blowjob, she was naturally disgusted by his offer, I mean, he could have at least offered English money.

    I did my usual day trip with Thomas Cook, a convenient method of getting to Euro aways but one that never ceases to amaze me of the wide spectrum of people who follow United. Arriving at the airport early I had breakfast and met up in the bar with fellow RN forumite Irish Soccerette. And arrival at Biarritz airport a couple of hours later. What a welcome we got there with the CRS, French riot police waiting in large numbers. These guys are so tough they wouldn’t even let us go to the toilet; a collection of kids, women, lads and pensioners with only one thing on their mind, to find their coach and get into Spain, were subjected to the most ridiculous of welcomes.

    Once in San Sebastian the plan was to meet up with Barney and other RNers; Willo, JD, Jav and Clair. I arranged to meet up the first 3 at the ticket collection point at 12.30 and I’m told that they would have been there on time had it not been for Barney needing a momentous shit before he left the hotel. It’s the first Euro away I’ve done with Barney and what an interesting experience it was. Getting from the ticket collection point to the first bar was like being on the red carpet with Tom Cruise. Barney being stopped in the street for the handshakes and hugs, popping into bars to say hello to folks and collecting people on the way the pied piper lead us to the bar and beer. Spanish TV turned up, a few songs were sung and an interview or two given. Good atmosphere in the cobbled streets and bars of Donostia.

    Willo and I moved on to meet up and have lunch with Jav, Clair, Duncan Drasdo and Basque Dave. Can I just say how relieved I was to find that Dave got his nickname because he has lived in the area for 20 years and not because he has a penchant for dressing up like Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror Show.

    Lunch was enjoyable although I have to admit I wasn’t keen on my choice of baby goat. I kid you not it was fatty and tasteless and not a patch on the steak chosen by others. Plenty of wine and chat we are joined by Amam of the Cov Massive and a character called Exiled Dave. Now this guy is a bit of a character, Irish lad now living in Holland he is the sort of person that you take to the mother in laws for this years Christmas lunch if you don’t want to get invited to next years.

    Back to meet up with Barney and more reds in another bar and a few drinks or so. You know it’s amazing just how many of us are known by our nicknames, Cockney Mick, Irish Pete, Exiled Dave, 3 fingered Joe..the list is endless and a new one was added to on this trip. Willo is now known as Safety Pin Shane, yes Safety Pin Shane. The reason is simple, following on from when his mum used to tie his gloves to his clothes so that he didn’t lose them, Willo has found a fool proof way of stopping pickpockets by safety pinning his pocket together, yes fucking incredible thing for a 44 year old bloke to do as every time he wants to get something out he has to mess about with the pin and more often than not sticks the sharp point into his thumb!

    We should have won the game, the away support was its usual vocal self and sang “David Moyes red and white army” for most of the second half. Whilst waiting in the ground after the game the Sociedad fans tried to join in “20 times, 20 times Man United”.

    One of the memories from this trip was the United and Sociedad fans applauding each other at the end of the game, something I personally have not witnessed and am unlikely to ever again.

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