Take a moment to read this and help keep Red News an enjoyable place to spend your time ... The forum rules

We are not, as we have replied in jest and seriousness on occasion, 'a nanny state' by any means in the forums - and we very much have a live and let live attitude to life on here and in the real world. Respect each other, and the opinions being expressed. Challenge opinions by all means, but respect others right to hold one.

And respect is important, we want our forums to be a place where reds feel free to debate with other reds ... never afraid of making a point, never afraid to stick up for their views, never shouted down. Discussing football is one of the great things about football, and we want the Red News forums to be the best around for reds to do that

From the day that Red News was born it has been about providing a voice for reds, we may now have evolved thanks to the wonders of modern technology into a news website, chat forums, even twitter and FB, but through all of it one constant remains - Red News is about being a voice for reds. We never want that to change.

So we want you to post, have a laugh, be serious, discuss, debate, you don't have to agree. just get along and respect each other.

If you ever feel that the forum isn't living up to that then speak to a mod or Barney. PM them, or use the report a post button which is in each post. We are reliant on the forum letting us know when a debate goes bad. We do not moderate 24 hours a day as we have some sad lives in between - So we don't see all that is going on and we can't always be speedy in our response. Please be patient. The important thing is that we will get back to you and we'll be grateful for your help in drawing our attention to it.

That we haven't banned anyone in over two years because we appreciate deep down forumites do get on and can intelligently debate all things and have a laugh. That's down to how well the forum runs between the reds on it. You'd probably like each other in the real world so if there is a rare instance of a falling out we just hope you can take a step back and try and see it from the other side

You'll be helping us to keep Red News as a place where people want to spend their time, where newcomers are welcomed, and most importantly you'll be helping Red News survive. You make Red News what it is today and without all of you there would be no Red News.

The important bit...

Some users working in large offices have problems with swearing in thread titles and we don't want anyone not able to access the site ot losing their jobs over net misusage. Swear away in threads themselves but no use of swear words in thread titles in the VIP (swearing is fine in threads themselves) - consistent offenders, 1st ban a day, 2nd ban and subsequent bans a week.

Threatening someone in the VIPs, to do something to them away from here - week ban

Debate on religion. Doesn't work on here, so take it elsewhere away from here, threads will be closed, deleted and repeat offenders face a ban.

A dispute between two people in the VIP - if asked to take it to pm by a mod and it carries on - week ban.

When a mod closes a thread and asks for that topic to be ended on these forums, do not re-start that topic - if asked to take it to pm by a mod and it carries on - ban

Decisions of the moderators are final. Put differently, you are not the judge of whether you're being a twat, the moderators are.

In the first instance RN is loathed to delete posts, if abuse deteriorates we will close a thread and warn warring parties - in the final instance we will delete a thread