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    Condolences Barney.



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      Condolences to you and your family, Barney


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        Thinking of you and your family at this sad time. I didn't know Teresa but from the way you have spoken about her and from the way Barney you are I wish I had xxx


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          Thinking of you and your family at this sad time. I didn't know Teresa but from the way you have spoken about her and from the way Barney you are I wish I had xxx


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            Dexey O'Boyce Sorry for your loss Barney, remember paddy introducing me to your Mam on the Warwick road early 90's, RIP. X.
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              Barney, my thoughts are with you and your immediate family at this difficult time. While grieving the fact of Teresa's passing there is perhaps some comfort to gained from the knowledge that the physical suffering she endured for what was very nearly seven years has drawn to a close and that she is now at peace.

              I have the good fortune (well most of the time ) to run the branch of the United supporters' club that Teresa, a true force of nature, founded. In doing so, and in many other ways she touched the lives of many Reds, all of whom will all miss her and remember her with fondness, and, in many cases, deep gratitude. One person whose life she affected personally and profoundly was my predecessor as branch secretary, and yesterday evening he composed the following eloquent tribute in an e-mail to our branch and which he asked me to share on here:
              It is with great sadness that I write this email. I was informed by Barney this morning of the passing away of Teresa Chilton (McDonald), founder of MULA and Red News and true United legend.

              Teresa was an inspirational lady at a time when it was still not that common for women to regularly go to football. She travelled around the world supporting her beloved Manchester United and brought up Barney in that same vein.

              Personally I am humbled to call myself her friend. She was wonderful company, a heart of gold with an acerbic tongue when required :) who single-handedly fuelled my obsession for United and as founder of MULA, she got me my season ticket at United and it was my privilege to continue running the branch when she stepped down.

              During the 1990s we travelled regularly to United games and we were privileged to enjoy the wonderful football United produced and especially Eric, whom she (and I!) adored.

              I will never ever forget our week in Spain culminating in the treble in 1999, and it was fitting to share that history with Teresa and the others in our group as without her I probably wouldn't have been there and for that I will be eternally grateful.

              Away from football, Teresa was a rock to me when dealing with delicate personal issues and provided me with the courage that I needed to address those issues at football and I am so thankful for her maternal advice.

              In summary, Teresa was a unique person and a true United legend whose like we will never see again.

              She leaves behind her devoted husband John, and beloved children Barney, Martin and Jenny.

              Teresa, United in our thoughts and in our hearts forever.

              Your friend



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                Your mum sounds like a very special lady - best wishes to you and all your family at this sad and difficult time.
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                  Its a tough time when your mum passes away, nothing anybody can do to ease the pain. My condolences to you and you family.


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                    I've been so lucky to meet Teresa twice, in Copenhagen 98 and Barcelona 99 and she did leave a very good impression, both lovely and friendly, so I'm sad to hear of her passing away. My thoughts are with you Barney.
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                      Teresa McDonald

                      I am so sorry to hear of teresa's passing. I feel blessed to have known her, she truly was a lovely person with whom I had a few good times. Hope she is now upstairs chatting to Sir matt. Barney, am thinking of you and all your family.


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                        Condolences. May she rest in peace.


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                          So sorry to hear the sad news,but take comfort in the wonderful memories you have and the legacy your mum has left behind.
                          I thank god everyday that I'm not scouse.........


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                            I have never met you or your family Barney but I have lost my mum also so I know how difficult a time it is for you. It is obvious from the other comments on here what a wonderful lady your Mum was. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. May she Rest in Peace.


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                              RIP Teresa

                              Hi Barney - Really sorry to hear about your Mum. I only heard the sad news today. Its such a long time since I've seen Teresa, but I have fond memories of meeting her. She was a real legend and a very inspirational woman.
                              x Damien Mahoney


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                                Barney - so sorry to hear of your sad news, our hearts go out to you and your family at this difficult time

                                Mick Sue & Zach x